About Us

Hi. I'm Tubul, and I've struggled with my skin for the entirety of the fourteen years I've spent on Earth. I let that define me as a person and degraded myself based on how I thought I was perceived.

Your skin is an immune organ; it can detect if anything goes wrong inside the body, including both your mental and physical well-being. It's imperative to take care of your skin by taking care of yourself first.

For me, the riddance of self-loathing came in the form of skincare. Tiny bottles of sparkling magic potions didn't just improve my skin, but also the way I felt about myself. They didn't give me a sense of purpose; rather, they provided me joy -- a very rare emotion saved for very important occasions.

I had always been curious, eager to learn everything there was to know about anything remotely fascinating.

I was easily bored, and skincare was stimulation for my mercurial mind. I could spend hours pondering over which formulation would work better for my skin or why a certain ingredient works as well as it does.

My search engines were flooded with new studies in the field of dermatology and articles that illustrated the "Exact functions of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids concerning exfoliation." I almost felt like an ancient alchemist, brewing concoctions in my head -- "A dollop of glycerin, niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate in the ratio 2:1, a bunch of ceramides, and a dash of an exfoliator like salicylic acid" (But please do not quote me on this).

It was an entirely new ballgame, and it was enthralling. The only slightly, very large issue was that I could never seem to find a product suitable for my delicate teen skin.

After surfing the web, I realised nothing in the market was made with teenagers in mind. I decided to change that. JuneSkyn was born to resonate with teenagers and their desperate need for accessible and effective skincare.

One serum at a time, JuneSkyn aims to bring forth a wave of confidence and self-love. Each ingredient carefully selected, each formulation meticulously crafted, each product filled with lots of love. We at JuneSkyn believe we can have a profound impact on enhancing and uplifting your unique and special skin.

But JuneSkyn isn't just about skincare. We envision it as a safe space where young individuals can share their experiences, support one another, and celebrate their unique journeys.

It's a place where flaws are embraced, individuality is celebrated, and self-expression is encouraged. Together, we can create a healthier and more accepting future, one skincare product at a time. We hope that our brand doesn't just make people's skin glow but also inspires, empowers and makes people feel good about themselves and their skin. Authenticity and passion are the building blocks behind JuneSkyn. We hope those translate to you.